How to write an introduction for a paper

An awesome paper introduction will catch one’s eyes and it is benefit to organize the rest of paper.

Do a simple introduction of what I did and the things I did will improve which related domain’s work.

For example, the section of introduction can splice into 4 paragraphs:

First paragraph introduce meaning of paper and some related works (as a short literature review);

Second paragraph present my innovation of this paper, such as which newest methods I have using, or which feature no one used;

Third paragraph do a summary for previous;

Fourth paragraph display a summary of results, showing that this paper got an ‘state-of-the-art’ result comparing to baseline.

Fifth paragraph educe the rest of paper. A canonical ‘fifth paragraph’ as follow:

The rest of this paper is organized as follows. Section 2 gives an overview of the theory behind tree edit distance algorithms, the basis of our work. Section 3 presents our improved tree structure analysis algorithm, while Section 4 shows the application of this algorithm in the various tasks that comprise our approach. Experimental results demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach are in Section 5. Section 6 discusses related work. Finally, conclusions and directions for future work can be found in Section 7.

Previous paragraph cites: Reis D C, Golgher P B, Silva A S, et al. Automatic web news extraction using tree edit distance[C]// International Conference on World Wide Web. ACM, 2004:502-511.